Summer Class Session- Thursday afternoon!

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 Oil Painting- The Portrait and Still-life

Spring Classes

Thursday afternoons, from 12:30 noon-3:00. These classes are designed for 5 weeks with a 1-week “make-up” class. So, if you make all 5 weeks you get a bonus week!

The classes are designed for students with a basic knowledge of oil painting and drawing. If you are more comfortable with pastel or acrylic, please feel to bring them. It’s still a “dark to light” process. I will be doing demos in oil, though, as we proceed. Beginners learn the fundamentals; including color, composition, form, and materials. Intermediate students hone existing skills and explore new challenges. Advanced students work with painting theory and focus on completing professional-quality work. Portrait, figure, and still-life painters are welcome. Students need their own supplies for this class.  For both classes, I encourage you to bring your own projects, but my focus is on portraiture and still-life in a representational style. Portraiture will be done from photos with an emphasis on choosing a good photo! I will set up a still life for those who prefer to paint still-life. Painting demos will be provided in both. 

 Also, includes…. great lighting, easels, water....snacks, music, and friendly ambiance conducive to a wonderful exchange of creative energy and talent!

 Dates: Thursday, 6-7-18 thru 7-5-18 (make-up 5-12-18)

Price: $ 175.00 

Time: 12:30PM-3:00 PM

Instructor- Marcia Klioze

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